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Outfit || Back to 70s

maart 5, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

Let’s go back in time. Let’s go back to the 70s.  A big fashion trend is coming our way! 2015 spring and summer will be all about this decade. The 70s are re-claiming their right over jeans this season! Out with the skinny jeans and IN with the FLARED JEANS. Or Continue Reading…


Details || Dungarees

juli 4, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Wish you all a wonderful Friday. Sorry again for the absence on the blog. Hopefully I will be back soon with a lot of posts! A peek of an outfit with a pair of dungarees I totally fell in love with! Never thought I would wear dungarees ever again ( since the age of 10 haha) but here it is 😉 The dungaree found it’s way back in fashion!

Wish list || Sale buys

januari 10, 2014
Check out my wishlist after the jump! Just click on READ MORE![398577|398560]&bi=41&ps=20[398590|398560]&bi=41&ps=20 
Hi dearies!
As you all know, I loveeee the sale season! But my wallet doesnt, that’s for sure haha :). Not only my wallet, my time schedule isn’t happy with it as well. I can scroll around for hours on webshops in the hopes of finding some treasures. For the first time in quite a while, actually, I wanted to share my favourite sale items with you guys! Some of these are high on my wish list ( I just have to order that COS sheer top and what about that long blue coat?!)  and I hope you enjoy my sale finds too!
Love, Farah

P.S. Can you figure out the brand just from looking at them? 😉
Click on the pictures for their sources! 


Trend || Pinky Promise

oktober 10, 2013
Pinky Promise

PINK! A promise I made to the color pink when I was a little girl: I will always love you! It’s the color of this season. What?! Yes! LIKE! For me it’s a beautiful trend that I will embrace and not by only sticking to that one pink coat – like many fashionlovers and trendsetters do.  Rather, I can image me wearing pink skirts, dresses, heels, bags and everything else! Ok, maybe not everything such as pink pants but there are definitely a lot of items I would like to wear (read: have)! Looking forward to looking as cute as pink! 😀

Love, Farah

P.S. See for the source of the coats my Polyvore account here!


Outfit || Cut Out Denim

augustus 4, 2013
Primark blouseVanilia jeansSacha heelsH&M sunnies

Cut outs, I wore them before (see here!). It’s gives it that little extra in a top or dress you’re wearing which makes the total outfit also look more ‘extra’ ;). I’m also a huge fan of denim on denim outfits ( see another outfit post here!). Oh, did I mention that these new sacha heels are my new favorite pair of heels? It gives every outfit a beautiful pop of color!
Back to cut-outs. Primark wasn’t a good idea for my wallet. How could I leave this pretty cut-out denim blouse? I already made a lot of outfit combo’s in my head while I was standing in the shop holding the blouse. Yep, you had to become mine. Welcome to my closet!
Love, Farah

Outfit || Cropping Amsterdam Fashion Week

juli 25, 2013
 Sacha heelsTommy Hilfiger blazer Mango skirt Primark  topNelly clutch

Amsterdam Fashion Week, how can you miss it! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit the whole week filled with upcoming and inspirational fashion since I had to prepare my trip to Indonesia! However, I did manage to go to the opening night of Amsterdam Fashion Week to see the show of Spijkers en Spijkers. My camera wasn’t cooperating with me that evening, which resulted in bad pictures :(. So sorry that I cannot share some pictures of the show with you but I did some research for you guys! Get an impression here!
About my outfit! The outfit is a very important part of attending the Amsterdam Fashion Week! The first thing that pops into your mind: what to wear? Dilemmas – dilemmas – dilemmas. I love to be overdressed and Amsterdam Fashion Week is the place where being overdressed is key! PERFECT!
For this occasion, I decided to wear a notorious trend: crop tops. I combined it with my high waisted leather skirt and my beloved long blazer from Tommy Hilfiger. A perfect blazer to keep yourself warm while giving the outfit a special effect instead of covering it up. The theme for the night was ‘a touch of red‘, but I didn’t know that! Shame on me! Fortunately, I just followed my gut and ended up with an outfit that had an actual touch of red. My outfit couldn’t have turned out better after all!
I also have great news to share with you guys! From now on I will be blogging for F.A.L.L. Magazine once a month! The second post is now online! (I wrote my first post back in February already: see it here).
For now, I wrote an article about the new trend of cropped tops. See it HERE!
Love, Farah


Details || Strappy

juli 18, 2013

The strappy top is the ultimate summer top this year. Thin stripes are trending at the moment and can be find at many stores! I really like the leather (what else;) stripes of this H&M top which I recently bought! Perfect to wear on shorts (hint:) or jeans. Oh, I also found another strappy top for you here on sale! One I really really like as well!
Love, Farah

Outfit || Striped Suit

april 24, 2013

Et voilá! The total outfit! The ones who are following me on instagram (@formulafarah) or facebook must have seen me buying some black and white essentials at the Vanilia Sample Sale 1.5 weeks ago!
This suit  is definitely a treasure I found (for only 70 euros!)! I’m speaking about perfection all over. The fit, the material  and of course the special effect by the stripe on the sides. You see stripes all over the stores right now, but I have already found my perfect striped essential! And to give the outfit that extra edge (and with the knowledge of an extremely windy day), I chose for a messy side ponytail! Something else, something different.
Love to read your comments and I will comment all my lovely readers back soon!
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing
Suit: Vanilia
Heels: Zara
Top: La Chica
Necklace: gifted
Earrings: Swarovski

Outfit || Electric Blue

april 21, 2013

It’s Monday again! Wake me up, give me an electric shock! Oh no, please don’t. I have a better solution: just give me some electric blue! A color which is a musthave in your closet to give your Spring outfit a color boost! It’s a color that catches my eye in every single store and I found it difficult not to buy everything I see in this color. Normally, I don’t wear two items of the same color in one outfit (especially on top of each other). But I think it works quite well with this color! Ok. What I just said doesnt count for black and white of course 😀
Happy electric blue Monday folks!
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing:
Top/skirt: H&M (current collection)
Heels: Aldo