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Inspiration || Hi Heel Hosiery

oktober 22, 2013

Ph//Marks & Spencer

How is it possible that this idea didn’t come earlier? I was so enthusiastic when I read about these hosieries! The British brains at Marks & Spencer  came up with this idea to ease the pain caused by wearing high heels. Simple but very smart: pads at the bottom front of the feet where the center of the pressure is.
I cannot wait to get my hands (feet actually) on one these stockings and finding out whether they really help to walk on my high heels, all day long, without being tortured by the pain at the end of the day. (Yes, every girl suffers from that, no one gets out of it, just so that you know! 😉 )
They are available in multiple prints and colors and the prices vary from 5 to 15 euros.
Sounds good to me!
Love, Farah


Wishlist || White Birthday

april 16, 2013

Aaaah tomorrow it’s my birthday!!! I’m getting 24 years old..or should I say young? Celebrating my birthday with a total white look, that is something I wish for since white stands for
purity and joy! Buuuut I do have another awesome post prepared for my birthday! And that’s a colorfull post for sure! Stay tuned!
So…dear friends and family, you know now that this white wishlist will make me feel younger!;):p
Blazer: Mango
Shopper: Zara
Sandals: Zara
Heeled sandals: Nelly


Wishlist || Sky High

maart 6, 2013

Oh no, what’s happening to me? I’m starting to like sneakers! My friends were like what?!
Although I will never abandon my heels, I think I will add something new, different and fresh
to my shoe wardrobe. I really love these  black&white wedges sneakers by Nike. These wedge sneakers are new and very populair at the moment. Why do not choose for comfy every now and then..?:D
What’s your opinion? Should I stick to my heels or try something totally different then what you expect from me?
Love, Farah
Nike Dunk Sky High: Sarenza (click)

Wishlist || Daniel Wellington

februari 20, 2013

Ph// Daniel Wellington

I lost my watch two years ago (on the bike oh no..). I got it as a present from my grandmother and I haven’t replaced it yet. There hasn’t been and will never be a watch that can ever replace it, but this is the first time, after two years, that I’ve actually found another watch I really like. This is a classy but modern watch that goes with everything. I’m not sure which one I like more. The one with the rose/golden plate or the silver one. But there’s even more! If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check out the Daniel Wellington website!
Which one do you like more?
Love, Farah