september 5, 2012

 It’s september again! That means back to college!!!

Black top: Primark € 5
Knit: Zara € 12
Legging: Tezenis (Portugal) € 12 (current collection)
Boots: van Haren €30 (current collection)
Jewellery: Blu.Fashion , Snake (gift)


Baby Doll Dress

september 3, 2012

And I’m back again! I had a wonderful time in….. Portugal! What a beautiful country. I totally fell in love with the city Lisbon. The ambiance, the colorful streets, the lovely food, it was just lovable. 

Since I also visited a beautiful little village in France called La Marre two weeks ago, I still have to show you some outfit shots. Here I just  enjoyed the simple life of eating a lot of French cheese (you could seriously wake me up for that, can’t get enough of it) but more important, quality time with family. I loved every bit of it.

About the outfit, this dress makes me feel like a doll. Just what a baby doll dress should do. The bow and the lace fabric make this dress even cuter. Topping of the outfit with bow shoes. What else?

Life is good. Lace is better. Ready to lace up your life?

Dress: Primark  € 20
Shoes: H&M €30

Sunglasses: ALDO $ 12


Diary || My love

september 1, 2012

Like every single girl and woman in this world, I always dreamed to find my true love. I cannot describe in words how thankful I am I met this boy named Diederik. He is my best friend, the greatest supporter and the best lover. Right now he is staying in New York City where he is following his dream as a  music producer. After I had to miss him before for about 6 months, this time he will stay for just 6 weeks. He is also the biggest support of my blog, my photographer, my technical nerd. Without him I wouldn’t have come this far. I’m so thankful to have you in my life!

P.S. We did these shots in Wageningen, the city he grew up in. Just before he went to NYC, we spent a whole day together in this city where he showed me all the places he has all those memories of about which he has been me telling for years.


Holiday essentials

augustus 23, 2012

After spending a couple of lovely days in France last week (outfit pictures will follow later!),
I’m heading to Portugal for 10 days! Can’t wait to feel the sand beneath my toes and  taste the salt from the roaring sea on my skin.

Since I do not have access to the internet, I will not be able to post any outfit pictures.
Í’ll be back soon showing you (outfit) pictures from Portugal and outfit pictures I still have to show you which are made during last week’s sunny weather in the Netherlands!

And of course..I’ll bring these lovely items with me. If you ask me, nothing more is needed.


Bikini: H&M €7
Slippers: Havaianas (gift from the bf brought from Brazil)
Top: chatucak market  Bangkok  €1,50


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