Pleated Coral

augustus 22, 2012

A great combination of edginess and femininity, in my opinion a good description of the color coral .
NO wardrobe would be complete without a little bit pink in it, don’t you think? I combined this pleated skirt (which I found on a secondhand market for just 2 euro’s!) with a flower print body of Zara. I chose for some white high-heeled sandals to get this full summer look! To mention the bag, I just love that bag. Unfortunately, it’s not really handy since it doesnt have pockets in it. The start of a messy cluttered bag. I guess that it forces me  to be more organized instead of bringing a whole survival package with me. It helps me to find what I need in the blink of an eye (especially when you’re looking for your keys, you might recognize this problem;)
I visited a friend of mine in my parents’ hometown Purmerend. We chatted and sat the whole afternoon in front of the house, spending some quality time with each other! We laughed a lot, you can tell that from the pictures she made of me!

Skirt: second hand € 2
Body: Zara € 15
Sandals: gift
Bag: Vintage € 4



augustus 18, 2012

Hello new sandals!

A woman can’t have enough…shoes. Every time I see shoes I like, I ask myself the question: do I really need these shoes? After many thoughts, I often come to the conclusion
that I do.  But why is that? I don’t know. But does it matter? If it makes you happy, it’s good to treat yourself. I do that with shoes. I just love them.

This time, I was really looking for some black sandals. But I didn’t find the perfect sandals until
I saw these ones last week. Lucky me, they were on sale!
This made it even harder to walk away from them.
An outfitpost with these high-heeled sandals will follow soon!

Sandals: Invito € 30


Loafing around

augustus 15, 2012

Are you ready to experience being comfortable and chic at the same time? Meet my latest new love, loafers. Lately, loafers have moved from the standard penny variation into a shoe in many different materials and prints.  When I saw these loafers shining, I knew I would wear them till they were falling apart. The reason: no matter how much I love wearing heels, I often find myself fantasizing about getting home, kicking those heels off and slipping into my comfy slippers.  Of course, parading in high heels makes you feel sexy and feminine. The new loafer trend makes me feel like walking in slippers, while still getting the confident feeling I get from heels. Combined with this beautiful high-waisted Zara skirt and a sheer blouse I’m ready to go! Oh, I almost forgot to mention the beautiful two-toned earrings from Aldo!

Top: Koton  € 20
Skirt: Zara € 10
Loafers: H&M  €20 (now in stores)
Bag: Zara € 50 (now in stores)
Earrings: Aldo $ 12


Hamsa hand

augustus 13, 2012

     Phts// AnnisaGM

The Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet, commonly used in jewellery and wall decoration. Nowadays,it’s also popular as a print on clothes. The open right hand is recognised and used as a sight of protection.
The Hamsa is believed to provide shelter against the evil eye. A couple of weeks ago, I went for some shopping in Antwerp. It’s almost a tradition since I always go to Antwerp during sales season! The stores are much bigger but more importantly, there are stores you cannot find in the Netherlands. One  of them is Urban Outfitters, where I found this top.  I combined the top with a split maxi skirt, a yellow bag and some ankle boots from Aldo.

Speaking about the Hamsa again, while I got these photos taken, I almost fell into the water! I guess the hand got me lucky and protected me from actually fall into the IJ.

Top: Urban Outfitters € 12
Skirt: Mango € 15
Ankle boots: Aldo $ 60
Bag: Primark € 7

Maxi sheer

augustus 10, 2012

A beautiful skirt by Jane Norman. Jane Norman is a English brand with many stores in the UK. In the Netherlands you can find a small collection of Jane Norman at the V&D. I combined this sheer maxi skirt with a flower print top which has beautiful detailing in the front. 

Top: La Chica €5
Skirt: Jane Norman € 14
Shoes: Zara €30


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