Travel || The Keys

juni 3, 2015



Hi there sweethearts,

After a week of radio silence I’m back on track again. After a week of focusing on my thesis for the full 100 %, I feel like going on another adventure again. This made me think of my last trip to Continue Reading…


Outfit || Sperry

mei 24, 2015


 Hi there sweethearts!

I got some exciting news last week! It was so funny that I got a lot of messages of people who recognized me and wanted me to let me know that they saw me Continue Reading…


Beachwear || The Key’s with Ani Ani

mei 19, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

A warm feeling is what I get while writing this post and seeing these pictures. A part of my trip to Miami that is engraved in the memory, forever. It was the trip to the Key’s, a coral cay archipelago located off the southern coast of Florida. It was the week my sweetest love Continue Reading…


Outfit || TOPSHOP

mei 15, 2015


Welll hello there!

How are you doing today? Glad that it’s Friday? Or are you also enjoying a long weekend because of Hemelvaart (Ascension Day)? The weather is much better compared to last week so I’m a happy gal! I was finally able to share this cool look with you! I have been a fan of Continue Reading…


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